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La Esperanza Snoflakes Dec 2003     Pastorela and Christmas Party Photos
              Serapio  "Mike" Baca's Photos

              Presentation of  Ballet based on Russian Fairy Tales with
   Grandfather North, the witch Baba Yaga, Beautiful snowflake
   ballerinas,  colorful elfs and devilish bats and spiders,
   choreographed by Valeri and Tatiana Tchekachev and
   performed by students of the Colegio La Esperanza Kindergarten,
    elementary school and High School.

Peter_Calderon_Princeton Class of 1965 helps with Gift giving at Colegio La Esperanza
       Christmas Gift Giving at Colonia La Esperanza

          Friends from Princeton and Mexico City help distribute donated
     presents to students and children in Colonia La Esperanza.  Peter
     and Laurance Calderon '65 along with Michel Hadad help distribute
     gift giving coordinated  by Jessie Meacham, helped by Mike Baca,
     Edwina Johnson and friends.

          Includes photo of Christine, Peter and Michel in front of foundation
      that was poured for new classroom building for the High School.
      Click here for Antonio Vega Photos.

Americas_Foundation_Mike Baca and Tanya Levi help give Christmas Presents     
      UCSD Neuroscience Department's Mike Baca and Tanya Levy
  fabulous Photos of the Christmas Ballet and Celebration

December 18, 2003

      Photos of Mike and Tanya themselves giving gifts

      Photos by Mike and Tanya of event

Colegio La Esperanza students and guests play Loteria at 2003 Kermesse                   click here for 2004 flyers
     Kermesse de la Revolución Mexicana

                         Colegio La Esperanza
                                    November 15, 2003
                                   Festival featuring authentic homemade
                               Mexican Cuisine, Music, Games and Dance
                          Special Guests: Spanish students of Nora Muñoz
                                  from Coronado, teachers from San Diego
                  Cooperative Charter School and Longfellow Elementary
                      Jim Hubbell and Americas Foundation Volunteers

               Click here to see pages of Kermesse photos

     Large Photo page of Colegio La Esperanza November 15, 2003 Kermesse

Photos from October 18, 2003 Volunteer Day
(Home: James Hubbell  at Colegio la Esperanza
(Courtesy Antonio Vega and Christine Brady)
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s to see Larger Versions

From China with Love for James Hubbell on his birthday           
   Highlights:   Building Rock Wall for Street Garden
                     Tiling in the Jardín de Niños La Esperanza
Fixing Kindergarten Computer laboratory
Starting  Nutri-Ecology Program with
                     "Los Niños" Promotoras (las dos Angeles) Klaus and Elisa
                     Friends from Sister City China Project Congratulate
                     James Hubbell on his birthday

Baja Ballet San Diego Union Tribune article
            San Diego Union Tribune
              December 19, 2003

        Presenting Baja Ballet Article

We need your help to sponsor the students at
  Colegio La Esperanza

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>James Hubbell Volunteer Dates

January 17, 2004 (Sokolic)

February 21, 2004 (Hubbell)

March 20, 2004 (Sokolic)

April 17, 2004 (Hubbell)

On-going building, tiling, working with children and gardening

at Colonia Esperanza


ALL ARE WELCOME…..Bring a Friend – Bring Two!

For information or if you are bringing a large group,

Please call Ilisa Sokolic 619-665-8547

Or Christine or Silvana at (619) 585-9009

Or James Hubbell (760) 765-3427

Meet @ “H” St. Chula Vista-Trolley @ 8:30 am

We are usually back in the USA by 5:00 or 5:30.

We will need a few volunteers to drive.

A $10.00 donation is helpful for paying material costs.

Bring your lunch, hat, gloves and water.