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Photos from October 18, 2003 Volunteer Day
(Home: James Hubbell  at Colegio la Esperanza
(Courtesy Antonio Vega and Christine Brady)
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From China with Love for James Hubbell on his birthday           
   Highlights:   Building Rock Wall for Street Garden
                     Tiling in the Jardín de Niños La Esperanza
Fixing Kindergarten Computer laboratory
Starting  Nutri-Ecology Program with
                     "Los Niños" Promotoras (las dos Angeles) Klaus and Elisa
                     Friends from Sister City China Project Congratulate
                     James Hubbell on his birthday

From China with Love for James on his birthday                        

Grab a Shovel!             Christine Brady and Voluteers Colonia La Esperanza
                 Grab a Shovel!                                                               Little Girl is a good worker!

Fixing the Jardín de Niños Computers            Klaus discovers the Hillside planting tires
High School Students w Profr. Adolfo help set up              Klaus discovers hillsice planting tires at Colegio
Kindergarten Computer Laboratory

Larry Sherwood tiles with James Hubbell at La Esperanza Kindergarten
           Sandro Alberti analyzes Garden Plan

            Architiect Sandro Alberti analyzes new garden plan

Larry Sherwood tiles at La Esperanza Kindergarten

China Friends Congratulate James on his birthday             Volunteer Elisa in the garden

Jason and China Friends visit James Hubbell                           La Rosa Blanca Alum Elisa likes the Garden

Christine Brady and Volunteers work on Street garden            The Most enthusiastic Volunteers

                          The most enthusiastic Volunteers

            Brennan Hubbell with China friends

               Brennan Hubbell with friends from Sister City
               China Project

Cruz Lara and Christine with Parents and Volunteers
building  Colegio la Esperaza Street Garden pathway

Chase, Jason and the Bandilla              Christine Brady Adolfo Arizaga at Kinder

Chase and Jason with their Esperanza Bandilla                             Getting technical at the Kindergarten
    A Good Time was had by all
   3 photos Isabel Beatrice Dad Jim Hubbell friends
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