Colegio La Esperanza students and guests play Loteria at 2003 Kermesse   

        Kermesse de la Revolución Mexicana
                 Colegio La Esperanza
                   November 15, 2003

         Festival featuring authentic homemade
        Mexican Cuisine, Music, Games and Dance
    Special Guests: Spanish students of Nora Muñoz
         from Coronado, teachers from San Diego
Cooperative Charter School and Longfellow Elementary
  Jim Hubbell and Americas Foundation Volunteers
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 Colegio la Esperanza parents with Nora Munoz's stuents from Coronado          Colegio La Esperanza kermesse de la Revolucion Mexicana View of Soccer Field
Col Esperanza Parents with Nora Munoz's Students 
        View of  Soccer Field at Colegio

 Colegio La Esperanza Puesto de Tamales        Colegio la Esperanza elementary students in Norteno dance
      Parents man "Puesto de Tamales"                    Colegio La Esperanza Students dancing

La Esperanza student Guillermo Duenas in Gypsy Dance by Valeri Tchekachev       Jardin de Ninos La Esperanza students recreate una fogata
Student Guillermo Duenas in Gypsy Dance            Jardin de Ninos kindergarten students

Colegio la Esperanza Student play flutes at 2003 kermezze        Colegio La Esperanza teachers Victor Esparza and Josue Gonzalez playing music with COlegio la Esperanza students
Students play flutes in front of Church Scenery           Profres. Victor Esparza and Josue Gonzalez with students

Christine Brady and daughters at Colegio la Esperanza Kermesse           Jardin de Ninos La Esperanza kindergarten students prepare Mexican revolution presentation with teacher Amelia Castro
     Christine Brady with Isabel, Emily, Beatrice, Grandpop and Adriana                                  Jardin de Niños La Esperanza students prepare for
                                                                                                                          historical presentation with teacher Amelia Castro                           

Playing Darts Colegio La Esperanza Kermesse         Colegio La Esperanza Parents in Kermesse Puesto
Playing Darts at Mexican Revoluction Kermesse         Colegio La Esperanza parents sell food

Colegio La Esperanza Kermesse Presentation         Colegio La Esperanza students and friends play loteria
Colegio La Esperanza students in Kermesse presentation                 Moms Lina and Ana lead game of Loteria for children

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