La Esperanza Construction progress for classroom building and
University On Line

Help us build and name the school! (See below)

Colegio La Esperanza construction 2013 with Christine
Photo above compares floor plans to actual construction progress on La Esperanza classroom building.

Dear Friends,
Summer is fast approaching and our goal of finishing the
second floor of the High School classroom building
is $50,000 dollars away.
Beside the daytime use of the classrooms by all levels of the
La Esperanza schools, we would like to use these classrooms
for a " University at a Distance",
which is a college level educational institution,
where students take accreditted classes online
through the Mexican National Antonomous University,
with orientation and preceptorial classes a few times
a week in the evening or weekends.
We have recieved a donation of 35 computers towards this end.
Anyone or group who would donate
the $50,000 will be given
the honor of choosing the name of the new College.
Preparing the facility for networked computers, classes and
admin area, means adding 600 sq ft of full construction,
putting a roof over 1500 sq ft., plastering, wiring, installing
wrought iron over all windows and doors, building and installing
windows and doors, extending electricity and plumbing, etc.
There are many bright, talented young people living
at the border, who do not have the financial resources
to continue their education.

The careers that are offered on line are

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Below are photos of the architectural plans for the classroom building
Elevation of Classroom building 
Architectural plan Colegio La Esperanza TIjuana

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