Colegio La Esperanza
Bathroom Plans

Hubbell Elevation Second Floor Bathroom

Elevation of Second Story of Colegio La Esperanza Bathroom by James Hubbell

Floor Plan Second Floor Colegio La Esperanza Bathroom
Roof Plan for Bathroom Building

Bathrooms  2 Stories = 2 x (18ft x 23ft)                Artist James Hubbell
                    approximately 800 sq ft

Costs of Remaining Items

    Main 4" Sewage line (150 ft)   =   $1000
       excavation, concrete cleanouts, pipe

    Roof -   $3000

    Build small walls   = $1200

    Doors and Windows
    (with Grill work)    = $2400

    Electrical Installation -  $ 1000                                                                  Artist James Hubbell with Student Volunteer

    Plaster finishes  -  $1600

    Bathroom fixtures - $2000                      
        toilets, sinks, divisions,
Students and Volunteers
    Plumbing copper pipes
     drains, boiler, water lines $800                                                   

    Exterior floor - $1500

    Floor tile, exterior showers - $1600      
          $16,100 is needed to finish bathrooms

We need your help to finish the bathrooms

How to Make a Donation

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