Colegio La Esperanza
High School Building Plans

Design by Artist James Hubbell and Arq. Angel Benson
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Elevation of Three Story High School Building  looking Southeast
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Elevation facing Sout East
madel facing Sout west

High School model looking South
Models of High School building
Looking South and South East

Colegio la Esperanza High School SE Elevation Plans for three stor building
Cut through South East Elevation of
Three Story High School Building
Total Construction = 9282 sq ft
Building Cost ( $48 per sq ft)  =  $450, 000 dlls

Third Floor = 2 large classrooms, kitchen, bathrooms/changing area = 3536 sq ft.
Salon = Classroom
Cost of Third Floor = 170,000 dlls

Second Floor = 2 classrooms + Computer laboratory =  3536 sq ft.
Aula Teorica = Classroom
Bodega = Storage Area
Computo Computer Laboratory
Cost of Second floor = $170,000

First Floor = 2 Classrooms + Storage = 2210 sq ft.
One Classroom is Science Laboratory
Laboratorio = Science Laboratory
Bodega = Storage Area
Cost of First floor = $ 110,000

                       First Floor Plans for Construction
Floor Plan First Floor High School BuildingFoundation Construction Summer 2003
Construction of foundations for first two
 classrooms, August 2003
Construcion is presently suspended
on classrooms
due to lack of funds
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Two story bathroom Construction                                                          

   Bathroom Construction

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