Colegio La Esperanza
Album of  Recent Construction Photos
(the Project Engineer poses to show scale)

Christine in Front of Bathroom Construction
Christine Brady with Isabel and Beatrice outside Second Story
 of  Colegio La Esperanza Bathroom Structure under
Construction  March, 2004

Photographing Bathroom Building from other side

Summer, 2003 work on Foundation of three story
Colegio La Esperanza High School Building

roof Rebar
Roof Rebar for Bathroom
awaits Metal Lathe, Plaster and Concrete Pour

2 Story Bathroom

roof Rebar
Oval Bathroom Windows

Oval Windw
This is the fun part!

Bathroom Floor
Bathroom floor ready for fixtures

Summer 2003 Christine High School Footings
High School Building foundations,
 now ready to build first two classrooms

Colonia View
View of Colonia La Esperanza
from Bathroom First Floor

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