Colegio La
Fundación de las Américas 
PO Box 574
Chula Vista, Ca 91912
619- 737-9233
Colegio 011-52-664-626-4698  From Tijuana ( 626 4698)
cellular Tijuana from US 011-521-664-809-9558  From Tijuana (044 664 809 9558)
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High School Building Plans

      Colegio La Esperanza
   High School Building Plans and Construction

Colegio La Esperanza Bathroom

    Colegio La Esperanza
    1. Bathroom Building Construction 2004

    2. Bathroom Building Plans and Costs

Large Construction
                Photos Link

    Large Photographs of 2004 Construction

Photos of Colegio La Esperanza Events

   Photos of School and Foundation Events

AMericas Foundation 2003 Newsletter

    Americas Foundation 2003 Newsletter

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