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High School Building Foundation COnstruction
       First Floor of New High School!

         We are trying to build two classrooms.
     one of which is a Chemistry Laboratory.
           This past summ
Plan of first Floorer we excavated the mountain
       for  three weeks, built and poured the mammoth
      footings for a three story building and stopped.

         The cost of building the first floor (2210 sq ft)
      at $48 per square foot totals to $110,000.

         Every little bit helps.   You can help us buy gas tanks,
     plumbing, laboratory tables, white boards, doors,
     rebar, windows,  etc.

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   Plans and Construction Click here

bathroom under costruction      
URGENT !!!  Help Finish Construction of School Bathrooms. 
          (Click on Photos to see Bathroom Construction Needs)

         This new two story bathroom structure will serve
     the elementary and High Schools as well as the community
     who uses the school as a park in the evenings and on the

         We still need to build the roof, two adjoing walls,

    install main drain line (150 ft) , plumbing, sinks, toilets,
Colegio la Esperanza bathroom model    
plaster, backfill, patio, doors, windows, protective grates.

         We are under construction right now and need help!!!

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      finish bathroom with a Credit Card.

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 Bathroom Construction  Progress

      See Bathroom Plans Click Here

Marco Antonio Duenas First Grade              Sponsor a Child's Education

          There are over one hundred students at the
     La Esperanza schools who have scholarships without
     patrons.    We need sponsors for these talented children
     in order to pay the teachers.

         The students study the basic academic program of Spanish
     Mathematics, History, etc.  plus  12 hours a week of special
     classes that include Computer Science, Music, English,
     Classical Ballet, Physical Education, and Nutritional Ecology.

          The cost of Sponsoring a Child's Education is $45 per
    month for 12 months or $540 per year.

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      Click here to Sponsor a Child's Education by check or Credit Card

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