Help us to finish the construction of the Adobe bathrooms
for the Colegio La Esperanza Elementary School!

link to photo album of 2011 La Esperanza Construction
       Dear Friends,

                2011 was a productive year for the La Esperanza schools.
We managed to keep building
even with the most modest of funding .   During the summer La Rosa Blanca design/build workshop, we initiated construction of an adobe bathroom structure to meet the requirements of the Secretary of Education for more bathrooms for the school.   We also wanted to experiment with a  more economical building material that parents and high school students could  help build.

                We're halfway done, and half reached the limit of our resources.  We need your help.   Click on the photo at left to open a photo album of the school construction supported by the Americas Foundation during 2011 and see the progress made on the entryway and adobe bathroom structure.

             Below is a list of what your donation at this time will help us pay for for, to continue the bathroom construction.  Presently, the structure is half plastered, has no doors, no windows, no plumbing, no electricity, no fixtures and no interior or exterior floors.

                We need a total of $19,800 to finish the 650 sq. ft. bathroom structure.  Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

$2,000 plumbing plus subterranean drain system to sewer
$2,000 toilets and sinks, mirrors, etc.

$3,000 finish walls
$2,000 finish ceilings
$3,000 floors
$1,000 electricity
$1,500 windows
$2,000 doors
$1,500 hydraulic lime waterproofing


 $19,800.00 Total

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You have been absolutely wonderful in supporting our work!  Thank you once again,

Christine Brady

Click on this page to open the photo album and slide show of work in progress

James Hubbell
            and Christine Brady consult on arches of Bathroom struction
Christine Brady and James Hubbell consult with Cruz on arch design of adobe bathroom structure during
La Rosa Blanca 2011.

students enjoy
            mixing adobe
Students (Matthew and Harold) enjoy mixing adobe.

            Brady supervises concrete pour of Colegio la Esperanza entry
August, 2011 Christine Brady with worker pour needed entry way to La Esperanza schools.
See photo album for beautiful finished construction of entry area.

we really need
            your help to continue
We're working hard, but we need your help to continue!

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