Help us survive the RAIN !!!
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Photo of Colegio La Esperanza High School students climbing hill around new building

Colegio La Esperanza High School Students climbing hill around first new classrooms

Front view of new high School where retaining wall and walkways are needed

Walkways and retaining walls are needed all around the two classrooms of the
High School.  
Makeshift windows have been created by tying plastic to the grillwork.

Side view of building built into side of mountain
It's hard to get around the building.

Mud, Mud and more mud when it rains,  Pavement, retaining walls and drainage system are
an urgent need.

Construction Costs: 

Eight foot walkway around classrooms (front and sides)                                  
( 8 ft by 140 ft ) =  124.4sq. yards  (plus small foundation)= $ 4000 dlls

Principle Retaining Wall along road  (120 ft x 8 ft) = $4500 (needed to support sidewalk)

Concrete ramps and stairways = $3200

Sidewalk along street  120 ft y 5 ft  = $2000

Total  walkway supported by retaining wall  = 14,700 dlls

Windows and doors (3 classrooms 2 High School plus fourth grade) = $9000 dlls

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